Skeletons in the Water and in the Cupboard

the scene of Capaci Massacre

“You generally die because you are alone or because you have entered too big a game” is one of the cynical observations that Giovanni Falcone assigns to Marcelle Padovani in “Cose di Cosa Nostra”. Falcone was not referring to a generic human condition, but specifically of the servants of both the mobsters and crooked elements of the law.

In the specular dualism between good and bad, the loss of “alliances and support” marks the fate of the corrupt and incorruptible: underbosses and the cops. The “Baccagghju” or “Slang” of the mafia is the reading code of criminogenic phenomena, in which rats and police officers die with the same bestial occurrence.

“The interpretation of signs, gestures, messages and silences is one of the main activities of the man of honor. And consequently, of the magistrate.” Falcone explained before they “refrained” him. Peppino Impastato instead scarred the “names” of the men of honor, making them more like cartoon characters. So the feared boss “Uncle Tano” had become “Sitting Tano” and his deputies “Manu Cusuta” and “Quadara Calante”.Salvo e “Peppino” a Radio Aut il primo Maggio 1978 / per gentile concessione di Salvo Vitale

The “building commission” of the “municipality of Mafiopoli” reacted to his jokes with very little irony. They tortured him, opened his skull against a stone and placed a load of explosive under his body. The explosion reduced the body to pieces and shreds, scattered within several meters. So it could seem like a “work accident” happened to a clumsy anarchist. But they even tried to say that it could be suicide Salvo Vitale  (one of the founders of radio out who was his closest friend) told me personally.

I recalled Salvo’s stories and the “work / suicide” accident when in November 2018 Ersilio Galimberti was found, a corporate and real estate developer from Adria who worked, with mixed success, in Czech and Slovak republics. His body had been lying in a pine forest for two months, cold from a gun. The weapon, with a scraped off serial number, was found together with two magazines under the decaying remains. These macabre circumstances, compatible with the symbolism of the criminal executions made Ersilio, the man with the jovial character with whom I had lunched three times, the subject of forensic experiments of an anatomopathologist.Ersilio Galimberti

The investigators considered the autopsy results compatible with a tragic suicide and filed the judicial file on any third party liability. This prompted me not to disclose publicly the inconsistencies in the official reconstruction. Instead, the news of the disappearance of Loris Colusso, who for a long time I suspected of being one of the consultants of Terra Real SrO, the Slovak company that imported five hundred kilos of cocaine from South America, destined for Italian, Slovak and German squaresforces me to “sing” and “empty the whole bag”.Papaleo Interview – Lidove Noviny

Learning in almost real time of Loris’ disappearance report, I asked a witty friend for a “clue”. He, alluding to “Luca Brasi” and to the “Godfather”, replied dryly – “Colusso is in cement or sleeping with the fish”. His foresight continues to disturb me, despite my belief that the anatomical and pathological analysis of the body will reveal the presence of water in the lungs and antidepressants in the blood. Whatever the findings of the autopsy, in the case of Loris “the Accountant” Colusso, the prejudice that his disappearance could also make many truths vanish must also be considered. I otherwise disapprove of the habit of trial “in absentia” and it pains me to find myself in this situation.

Yet Slovak civil society has the right to know the real value of criminal interests in the context of economic exchanges between our respective countries and the meaning of a series of surreal events, only partially known to the public and judicial offices.Papaleo South China Morning Post

It is necessary to understand how ‘Ndranghetisti in white Lamborghini and entrepreneurs of the “paper companies” have collected the money of European funding for contrived projects. We need to find out why Czechoslovakian weapons are found in all arsenals seized by law enforcement in Italy. It is imperative to ascertain that the arrest of Paolo Ruzzini (former CEO of SE) has to do with the continuous delays in the completion of the Mochovce nuclear power plant of which the Italian ENEL has a controlling stake (my reportage for TV Austrian PULS4).

If those who wanted to make money on the MO3 & 4 project included even the “marauders” of Ferrovienord (President Norberto Achille and his son Marco) and Renzo the son of Umberto Bossi, it is because former Czechoslovakia offers fertile ground for the underworld. That means international money launderingcommunity fraud and even how the now incriminated Vadala could introduce the former miss universe as a secretary to Premier Robert Fico, or have former miss Michalovce employed at the EU office at the ministry.

How else would you explain how a “picciotto” of the Ionian, revered as “marquis”, became one of the best customers of the casino Reduta, where in one evening I saw him lose more than 50 thousand euros at the game table? No less was “Super Mario” Bertuccio, “the king of VAT” who, after being a sponsor of Colusso and before being arrested by the Czech police, was one of the patrons of the Brno motorcycle circuit.Mario Belluccio “Il RE dell’IVA” sponsor di

It is in fact necessary to consider that gold is an exchange commodity, but that VAT is more precious and coca worth more than platinum, and that in the case of the 500 kilos of “pure stuff” seized in Mestre.

These are just some of the known circumstances in relation to a story yet to be told and which are closely intertwined: tax avoidance, fraud and trafficking, collusion and corruption. A paradoxical story already only for the names of the main protagonists.

Among those already affected include Nino Vadala “the Calf”, his father Giuseppe “Cappeddazzu”, and his uncles Domenico “Bellu Lavuru” and Micu u Lupu “. People who worked in Slovakia because Giuseppe” Tiradritto” Morabito had approved the operations from prison, as intercepted by the anti-mafia unit DIA.Miro Pejko, vanished in 2015

But even the “white horses”, “advisors” and “friends of friends” in Slovakia and the Czech Republic have the vice of “appellations” and “nicknames”. The list is endless ,but to mention a few: “Ambassador”. “Consul”, “Berlusconi”, “Il Serpe”, “Il Troota”, “I predoni”, “Trippone”, “Sewer” and “Giuda”.

Mind you, this story is not an appendix novel or a fantasy story. It is a true story of people entering or leaving jail, of those who will end soon and also of those who unfortunately will never end. There are dead, disappeared and suicidesEmbezzlement that influenced and continues to determine the economies of three countries and led to the fall of a government.

In accordance with ethics, I refer points of view, language and expressions of the protagonists to the detriment of the sensitivity and impressionability of the readers. This is certainly not a story suitable for putting kindergarten children to bed with. Like all investigative reporters, I am aware of evoking the susceptibility of communities that tend to circle, but – regardless of the dislikes and contempt that I will arouse in “well-meaning” “omertosi” and “friends of friends” – this is my ungrateful role.

Colusso and I knew each other well, and we also knew all the other protagonists and even the extras of this sad story. For me, however, “they were and are only business matters and not personal matters”Papaleo lies incapacitated in his hospital bed in Phuket

My name is Antonio Papaleo, also called “Tony LoneWolf” I was stabbed five times but I escaped the bastards retribution. Galimberti, as we said, is no longer there and also Pierantonio “Zio Toni” Palombi, whom Jan Kuciak continuously names in his posthumous article, disappeared for a few months. Palombi had, however, removed the pebbles from his shoes by making me many admissions and even some confessions, all duly registered.

“The Accountant” Loris Colusso instead ended up “sleeping with the fish”. I am infinitely sorry for him. It was not the way it was supposed to go, but it will be necessary to understand how and why. This article is the first of a series …

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